Zoe Bloomfield

Zoe Bloomfield for The House of Clytemnestra: A Retelling

Zoe Bloomfield (she/her) is a queer director, writer, and performer based in Brooklyn. A Los Angeles native, she trained at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in the Experimental Theatre Wing, specializing in devised work. This training culminated with her self-written, self-directed play titled Home for the Holidays. Zoe also appeared in the 2019 Cleveland Borderlight International Festival in When Farah Cries. A Jack of All Trades, She has also worked as a stage manager, wardrobe supervisor, and production intern.

Email: zbloomfield808@gmail.com Instagram: @zoeblooms

About The House of Clytemnestra: A Retelling
The House of Clytemnestra retells the first two stories of Aeschylus’s Oresteia. Years after the sacrifice of her daughter, it’s time for Clytemnestra to face her grief, her ghosts, and her husband. After the fall of Agamemnon, her daughter Electra, angry and grieving, watches her mother slowly lose her mind. They both must reckon not only with their relationship, but with the shadow of death and tragedy that envelops their cursed house.