David Charles

for The Woman in Her Own Pursuit

David Charles has been a professional theatre practitioner, deviser, and creator for approximately three decades. He specializes in crafting hybrid pieces that bring the worlds of scripted and improvisational theatre together in new and unique ways. Previously produced works include: The Lost Comedies of William Shakespeare(Your) Opera in a TrunkIt’s All Greek to MeMurder We WroteUpton Abbey: An Improvised Comedy of English ManorsPrivate Lies: Improvised Film Noir and E Pluribus UnumThe Woman in Her Own Pursuit marks his first full-length completely non-improvised work and draws from his extensive studies of style and comedy. David is a proud immigrant from New Zealand, holds a PhD in Theatre from Louisiana State University, and currently serves as a Theatre Professor at Rollins College and professional improviser with Orlando’s Sak Comedy Lab. 

Website: www.improvdr.com

Email available upon request, contact support@synecdocheworks.org

About The Woman in Her Own Pursuit

It is the turn of the eighteenth century in Parisian France and Marie Galliard has had an ill-suited suitor foisted upon her by her ailing father, Gerard. She enlists her aunt, the widowed Lady Antoinette, a strategist extraordinaire, to help her postpone the dreaded march down the wedding aisle, and soon siblings, servants, and a cousin from the country are all complicating matters further in their efforts to help and hinder her earnest cause. Disguises, cross-dressing and suppressed desires abound in a Molière-inspired comedy in which marriage is not the goal but the curse. Women stand unapologetically front and center in this woke Baroque homage.