Alena Haney

Alena Haney for Hunt

Alena Haney is a playwright and actor from Houston, Texas. In the seventh grade, she became enamored with the works of William Shakespeare and she’s never looked back, which led to her passion for writing verse plays. As a lover of history, her playwriting topics of choice center around political intrigue, untold stories of lesser known names, Latinx history, and LGBTQ+ history. When she isn’t writing or acting, she can be found making clothes, browsing old newspaper archives, playing with her dogs, and occasionally officiating a wedding.

About Hunt

Amid the bustling noise of Washington D.C. in 1953, Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt fights against the slandering tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy. However, his political career takes a turn when McCarthy and his henchmen exploit Hunt’s son as a pawn in their political games, forcing Lester to choose between self, family, and country. This true story has palpable implications today as it delves into a history of fear politics and cruelty in government, LGBTQ+ prejudice, family, and sacrifice.